Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So it happened

Well it is official....now if you don't want all the gory details do not continue to read. I mean you know me, you know that I say stuff that other people wouldn't and I am about to discuss my first sexual experience with a man who wasn't Michael. So you have been warned....
So I have seen this guy 4 times and yes I have slept wwith him. Big move for me. I must admit that it was very difficult. I mean it was awkward and weird. I have issues with my body at the best of times but to be even thinking about revealing my naked body to someone else.....well I have come a long away.
My new self inspiration "I will not habour unhealthy thoughts" is working.
I took the plunge, I opened myself up (mentally not talking bodily, although I guess I did that too)
So we kissed, not bad, and then it moved into other areas. Now I have to say that it was very different from what I have previously known. I guess I was very niave but I sort of assumed that it would be the same types of things that would turn him on. I have always beleived that I had a number of skills when it came to sexual relations. But apparently, and ofcourse, it is different for everyone.
I mean I know this as a woman, what turns me on doesn't do it for the next woman, but men are basic creatures that I figured got off on the same sort of stuff.
So anyway I guess I shouldn't go into anymore detail than that......I mean he is a bit of a nerd and what if he works out a way to read it, or anyone else for that matter.
So, I did enjoy it. I would like to do it again,not necessarily with the same guy. I wonder does that make me a slut??? If so???, then so be it. I am living for now at the moment and I will embrace all the new experiences that may come with that.
I am quite proud of where I am at the moment. Good luck to me :)

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