Friday, August 27, 2010

The 'date'

I know many of you would like to know how my date went last night. I also know that at times I have written about these types of things and left you hanging about the results.....table for six ring a bell?? So I thought I had better fill you in before I get hate vibes across the universe..
I guess I would describe it as an interesting insight into my views on people and maybe the stereotypes that I hold within me,even when I try not to have them. So I met Troy last night. We had spoken on the phone once and he had sent me a few texts over the week. Nothing amazing or cute or sexy or anything, just basic communication. His texts were not grammatically correct or structured. He didn't try to be funny or cute. So when we spoke, he did sound as I expected. (rude of me really, at times I really am a snob) He is a tiler and he did sound very "ocker" if you know what I mean. A real tradie.
So he made a dinner booking at what actually was a very lovely restaurant at Mooloolaba. At first glance he was good looking, had a lovely body and I have to say that the thing I look for the most to make judgement about a guy is his shoes. He had nice, trendy shoes. He dressed very sunshine coast. Nice surfy jeans and shirt. So I was surprised. The food was expensive and I did actually order the most expensive thing on the menu, not because he was paying but because it was what I wanted.
I have to say that I spent most of the night talking, and he spent it drinking. He never attempted to engage me in conversation about me. I asked him a lot of questions and found out that he appears to live in a world that money is no problem. He likes the horses and I was horrified to hear that he will spend thousands at the track most weekends. When paying the bill, he pulled out a wad of hundreds, with a rubber band..... That blew mw away. And me being me I made comment on this. "Wow, never seen anyone do that before" He thought that was hilarious and offerred me the money he was going to leave for the tip....Obviously I was a sad, poor person.
So it was done, no talk of seeing each other again. I offerred to drive him home as he was catching a cab, drinker that he is. On the way we stopped off at the bottle shop. Classic.
So there we are another experience. Another step. Another day.

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