Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bye Bye

So I am not going to see David anymore. He is the guy that I have been seeing, and whom I slept with. Why you may ask?? Was it because he had a small penis??? Was it because I received no sexual satifaction from our encounter?? Or is it becuase even though I understand that he doesn't want a relationship, he treats me like I don't exist????
Bingo if you guessed the last one. (how clever you are) Yes, he treats me like I am not worth his time. I mean, we slept together, and while it wasn't mind blowing, it wasn't too bad. The next day not even a small text of thanks or anything. Now I know you will be thinking...Katrina...he told you he didn't want what you wanted and you agreed to be friends with benefits....but for weeks we had also previously texted general stuff. Now that is all I wanted....something like...
"Gee Katrina, your amazing massage put me to sleep and while I snored away I acidently forgot about giving you any pleasure, however I will try harder next time" But alas, no such comment, no anything.
So I do not want to be a sad and pathetic 'chaser'. I am worth more than that.
Do I regret sleeping with him????? No, is the true and honest answer becuase I actually had to smash down some huge personal barriers to do so. So out of this I have actually gained a huge amount in terms of my personal confidence and I am certainly a hell of a lot more savvy when it comes to giving head. (ooh was that just too much information???, sorry)
So off I go back onto RSVP. But I am ok about it. It's all good.
Onward, upward and forward....


  1. GROSS!!! I do not want read about that!!

    The line is about 20 km away!!

  2. Now some things I just don't need to know....but you go's his loss!