Thursday, August 19, 2010


Doubts are a strange creature. Why do we have to have them? One moment we can be quite confident and feel like nothing could tear us down, then the next moment Mr Doubt creeps and taps you on the shoulder. So the brothers grim of Mr Doubt and Mr Dwell are still lingering around me. I am able to resist them more now, than I ever have, but still there they sit waiting for me to drop my guard for just a moment before they jump in to start tearing me down once again.
I am trying to move on with my life, and some have reflected that finally I am doing a damn good job of it. I have had a number of dates and I have been conversing with the opposite sex about various things. But it is now at these times that I start to doubt myself. You may send a text and then you wonder, 'oh, how will that be read?' then you think 'oh, maybe I shouldn't have sent that', then you wait for a return text and when one is not forthcoming you question 'maybe they are just not that into you' I borrowed that movie on the weekend and it made me that the way of dating? Are there rules? What are the signs? Should I be casual and aloof? Should I be open and honest?
My sister asked about one of the dates. She asked who texted first? Why? Aparently if you text first that then means they are not interested. You shouldn't text first. You should wait.
Do I have to follow these silly rules? Can't I just be honest and truthful? If I like someone can't I just say I like them?
I guess I will have to wait and see......

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