Wednesday, August 4, 2010

At the bus stop.

So here I am once again twice in 2 weeks...this is progress.
I guess I am a bit hesitant to blog too much anymore about the truly personal stuff. I mean I don't think that I have said anything that isn't true, and when I do try and let off steam I try to be fair, but I am concerned that the stuff that I am putting out there, may be used against me at a future time.I worry that I can be accussed of defamation and the like and that what if people who i don't want to read this, actually do??? It is perplexing
So I will try and just talk in a general way about the things that are happening to me and see how that sits in my mind.
So on Monday I made real progress in my ability to deal with stressfull and distressing situations. I made sure that I had grace and dignity and that I did not cry in front of the 2 people that I never want to cry in front of.
I am slowly getting my spirit back. At times I have felt like I was nearly I was on the edge of my life again. I had been waiting at the bus stop and finally a bus was stopping that I could get onto. Unfortunately it had no more room so it left without me and left me standing there at the bus stop once again. 2 steps forward and 5 back.
I guess on the bright side there is some movement, and movement at least means that I am alive and not in a bag somewhere.
So here I stand at the bus stop waiting to see if I can get on one of the many buses that pass me, at least today I am ok to wait. At least today I hold the timetable in my hand, it is just the destination that I seek.

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