Monday, August 16, 2010

Not a good day

I am having one of those days that just make you cringe and you think 'how did I get here?' Just when you think that you are on top of the shit and all seems to be right with the world around you....BAM!!!! In it comes again to knock you down. Now before people start to roll their eyes and think 'here she goes again', I am just having a bad day and I will not let it dictate me life.
I am much stronger emotionally than I have been for a very long time. I know that this will knock me a bit, but that I have seen and feel that I can get over these hurdles.
Hurdles are a funny thing aren't they??? Again I sit and ponder about the universe and all things, and have to at times ask myself....'what do I need to take from this new road block in my life?' I have come to be very good at looking at all the information (some say I look at too much of the information and take too much on board as being mine to own) But at least I do know that whatever is being thrown my way....and let me say right now that I do not believe that I have actually been through the worst of this journey and that you who are reading this need to prepare to help me, that whatever is going to be thrown my way I am more than capable of dealing with it, without allowing it to once again destroy my soul.

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