Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the road...

It has been a very productive weekend for the residents of this house. Mum, Beccy (yes I did say Beccy it is not a mistake) me and the kids, all rolled up our sleeves and got in and did a bit around the house. It was very empowering. Mum has bought a house and she is looking forward to having her own 'Home' again. I am excited as once she leaves this house will be on the market and hopefully not long after that, my life will start on its next path.
It's amazing that work was done. No work has been carried out on this house since we moved in. I just have had no motivation what so ever. Why??? Because as I have mentioned in previous blogs...this no longer feels like my home. It is just a shell in which the daily activities happen, but one in which there is no essence.
I hope the people who buy this house will once again fill it with love and family and make it a home once more.
I am more than ready to move on. I am in fact very excited. It will be the first time that I can make all of my own decisions.

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