Thursday, August 26, 2010

Date Night

Well I am about to once again get ready for a FIRST date. I have had a few of these recently and while nothing much has come out of them, I must admit to enjoying it.
I guess if I put on my counsellors hat, one might say that I am experiencing things that I did not experience when I was younger. Michael and I met when I was 18 and that was that. He was the only man that I had ever dated (and really we didn't even date) Michael was the only man that I had ever slept with and the only experience that I have known as an adult of being with a man. So I will admit to being somewhat excited at times about the possibilty of experiencing those things again. Possibly a lot of things for the First time.
I do readily admit that I am terrified of many parts of dating. The what if's and all the negative thoughts that like to twist and turn within my, some would say, interesting thought processes.
But here I sit thinking "I will not harbour unhealthy thoughts anymore" and so I will go forth into the unknown and not dwell or twist or over think or do anything than just let things go as they will and be as they will.
Who knows what might happen....I don't, and for once in my life, I will not seek out the answer, I will not try and read the last chapter......mmmmm is that a lesson I have learnt??????


  1. Fingers crossed that all the new experiences are wonderful! Or at least interesting!!

  2. I hope so because reading the last chapter first always means you over look the best parts and only see what you think should happen.