Friday, March 12, 2010

A good step forward

I was wasting time in Target today, (some say it is the only store I go to)but I was there looking around when I happened upon a beautiful little scrapbook with 2 little owls. Now I know Deb loves owls, but I also, have had a liking for cute little owls for some time. Suddenly I was hit with inspiration.
I have decided to make myself a "My life is worthwhile" journal. In it I will scrapbook all the things that I love, like or am grateful for. That way, when I am having one of my low points, I will get it out and remind myself why I shouldn't keep thinking of ways to walk away from my life and end it all.
I really think it was fate as many months ago I had bought a paper block and embellishments that are the same turquoise colour with owls. I have found it very difficult to even think about doing anything scrapbooky, as my scrapbooks have always been about my families journey. I just can't go there at the moment. It is too painful and raw. Maybe this way, this project may help me find my mojo once again. I hope so.
P.S. Suzy keeps commenting on my posts, and while I love her supportive and inspirational comments, I have had enough of the comments about my spelling. So Suzy, I am sure that I have once again misspelled many words, I do not have auto check, I do not have a dictionary, and my stupid computer seems to have spasms at random times while I type, putting words hither and there. So please excuse the mistakes, I am sure once my blog is published in book form, that the editor will fix ip up. Cheers

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  1. That sounds like a great idea! Can't wait to see the owls.